Architectural Design Archive
“APOLOGÍA AL ESCOMBRO” is the rematerialization process of an illegal dump.
The regeneration of a lost landscape through the registration of a procedural architecture.

The project is developed as the design of a four-phase protocol:
1. La Escombrera: The topography generated by the debris is mapped to quantify the amount of material we have, thus designing a progressive collection process.
2. La Maquina: The most optimal debris pretreatment and classification line possible for different types of materials is generated.
3. La Ruina: The rubble is stored following a geometric order around specialized workshops. The ruin of something that is yet to be built.
4. Estado Final: A new landscape is generated, marked by the transfer of the footprint and the matter between the different phases. Designing spaces that reinterpret the rubble and surround the user of what he had abandoned.

The large park obtained, exposes through the architectural presence, the visual relationship between amount of debris and built surface.
Rubble now acquires not only function but memory.