Architectural Design Archive
Athens, City Plaza
The proposed refugee accommodation takes place in Athens, more specifically in the City Plaza area, an abandoned hotel that a movement is responsible for rescuing it in 2016 with the main objective of evacuating the refugees from the camps and integrating them into the community of Athens.

In parallel to the social project, the new developed proposal for the management of external spaces improves the relations of the building with its immediate environment; providing it with relation spaces and, especially, with a spatial continuity with the urban plot that enhance the accessibility and, in short, its integration in the city of Athens.
On the other hand, as seen in the section and in the plan, the permanent interaction of the external and intermediate spaces is a characteristic element of the proposal and, of course, a constant in environments with environmental conditions as extreme as the ones in Athens.

These intermediate spaces, characteristic in the Mediterranean countries, have a decisive role in the proposal: the fact that the refugees gradually occupy them, adds a temporal variable that defines them more intensely.

In the same line, a fundamental characteristic is the adaptability and flexibility when you face a temporary accommodation exercise, which in this case is addressed with possibilities of horizontal and vertical colonization of the houses, some specific spatial characteristics, a certain need for versatility in its constructive system.

It is worth noting the importance of how a single system is able to assume different programs, in addition to being able to configure these distinguish and changing spaces mentioned above.

Finally, the course begins with an investigation into the envelopes and skins from a very close perspective, which was decisive when transferring it to the proposal as an element that sustains, filters and adapts in a sustainable way to the bioclimatic conditions.