Architectural Design Archive
“Balances” is a project that results from the will to echo the changing urban landscape throughout architecture. It speaks of an architecture that blends in the sky as it grows higher fading between the clouds.
The project is set on one of Madrid’s most iconic towers, Torres de Colón, reusing it’s structure to rise above it a new building, which is able to capture the cloud’s movements and will contribute to the city’s skyline through the application of precise technical illusory strategies.
The towers’s new crownings, now off-centered from it’s origin, hide a tremendous structural complexity. To ensure the building’s stability, a series of voids are generated in it’s interior. They are calculated and designed to withstand the shifted loads and relocate then back to the original tower's centre.

The aim of the building's skin is to apply technique to simulate ilusión and simulation effects. Its facade plays with reflectances and transparencies that generate the sensation of the tower’s dematerialization.

“Balances” looks for the coexistence between technique and disappearance aesthetic. It intends to compensate, visually and structurally, the loads of a dense structure, that rises to heaven and converts it into a monument