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Centro de estudios y recuperación del patrimonio
I focused my research on the value of Cigarrales; the first settlements in this extraordinary zone that surrounds the city are created by three potentialities: the views towards Toledo, the vegetation and the zones of terraces.

Cigarrales were an active front during the Spanish Civil War, however, there isn´t any documentation on this part of history that has remained hidden for many years. The location was considered as an unknown and spontaneous war scenario until a few years ago, it had a strategic visual position of the city, they called it "South Front of the Tajo".

Nowadays, people work to find remains of this stage of which there is no historical record, generating an emerging heritage in the shadow of the monumental city.

The proposal consists of a center for studies and recovery of historical heritage that makes possible the fieldwork that is carried out and put into value this cultural landscape that until now has not been registered, allowing to show a part of history that has never been told when thinking about Cigarrales.

It is a project that emphasizes the topographical strength, remembering the trenches and the bunkers that are in this place, taking very into account: that is a project that is born of the earth, massive and enclosed in itself. It is projected as a broken line divided into three volumes: rooms, internal workspaces and memorial.

The division into three volumes comes from the idea of the trenches, elements that could not be built in a straight line, but played with the broken spaces that redirected you to a zone of refuge.

The laboratory and auditorium area has direct access to the field work area. Putting in relation the landscape and the study center, understanding the territory as an active part of the project.

The memorial is the last volume. This piece brings together a perimeter exhibition area and an interior memorial zone.

The materiality of the project is based on the use of concrete mixed with the soil of Cigarrales, generating a texture that ties the project to the place. In this context, a reference point and a landmark are created as an element of reflection, where the control of light and perspective is essential.