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Change the Horizon
The south east outskirts of Madrid have historic and systematically suffered urban developments surrounded by speculative scandals. The neighbors have become aware of this situation and carry out mafestational march at the Cerro Almodovar (highest hill in the area). From this moment we took this hill as an object of study and we started cartographying it: the routes, the conflicts, that here crystallize and that we started obsessively researching about coming to produce a physical and virtual archive of the hill.

Finally, faced with this nonsense territorial situation with a landscape full of unfinished neighborhoods because of the explosion of the housing bubble, I decide to change the point of view. And make disappear the horizon of the city under the new horizon which the hill generates on itself.

When replanning the project with topographic equipment on the ground we realized that the point plotted on the plane was not the ideal, but there was a point 93 cm deeper and 482 cm far from where the surface relief itself generated the projected effect, so we recorded that point and built the new horizon that was created from that new point.

We changed the Horizon.