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Cobo Calleja In Progress
The aim of this project was being able to create a city for the near future in which the principal conditions were: Flexibility, versatility, connections and environment.

At first we found ourselves in the middle of what we thought that was the most unexpected place to develop this ideas, this place was Cobo Calleja, an Industrial polygon in Fuenlabrada, Madrid.

We started analysing this place through different parameters which were shown in different maps, for example the one of atmospheric pollution. This allowed us to locate the opportunity and the conflicting zones.

Firstly the essence of the Project was building the negative. This polygon was constituted by gaps and industrial warehouses so I filled the gaps and I emptied the warehouses, keeping this way the main polygon’s structure.
To reach the maximum flexibility the communication cores should be structural and facility cores too.

About the structural reticule, the one ruled by the warehouse’s porches every seven meters was kept. This distance is the one which rules the dwelling modulation. (One module = 4.5 x7 m) . The houses work as beams.

Another one of the project’s basis is the differentiation of uses thanks to the structure and ubication.

- To the permanent dwellings three flexible cores will be used, and dwellings will overfly the warehouses.In this type of towers an staggering is produce, facilitating this way the sunning.
- To the buildings named ground floor batteries, in which offices and other uses are located, two communication cores are used. In this case the beams are continuous, one is higher tan the other to allow a better entry to the sun and to coincide visually with the dwelling green covers.
- The temporary dwelling will be located in the first warehouse floor.

Without doubt another differential element of this Project is the ground floor. In it, different atmospheres of public use are integrated and located according to the noise gradient and sunning. The park and the Marketplace are in the sunniest zones and the park acts as an acoustic barrier to the library.

In terms of temporal evolution of the ground floor, it obeys laws of densification through which always exist non - lineal paths that allow to cross that public space. Depending on the growth phase in which we were there are some ways or others.
The temporary dwelling evolutionates modularly too. There are millions of possibilities by combining the modules around two communication cores.

Related to the enironment some proposals were made to regulate and to take advantage of the solar radiation and lighting.