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Besides being one of the most important resources for our life, water is also a common thread bonding the world. Córdoba and the Jándula dam are connected by Guadalquivir river.

The project aims to materialize the geographical connection in addition to the interpersonal connection of the architecture users, and of them with the surroundings. To achieve this, I focused in the street as a vital element to improve the quality of urban life, which also means connection.

In Córdoba, the form of the project is achieved through parts of the city to adapt the scale with known elements. Given the importance of the streets as a connector, the form of the Jándula project arises from the extrusion of these. The emptiness becomes full, giving way to the architecture.

The form of both projects allows the interaction with the medium, particularly with the river, through the streets in Córdoba, and in Jándula turning these into viewpoints. Jándula is built from ashlar, following the vernacular construction. In Cordoba, the connections are emphasized with the continuity of the pavements.

Both projects contain mixed programs, which also favours the meeting of people with different interests and therefore, greater cultural wealth. In Cordoba the project has an auditorium, a restaurant, a market, a cooking school and a handicraft school, being uses focused on urban life. In Jándula are located a hotel, a restaurant and a study center of the nature.