Architectural Design Archive
Creating architecture from the rock
The project as a whole comprises a set of houses plus a large pavilion for multiple uses. Its development goes through four phases.
First, we conducted a formal investigation that led to the design of a home. We started by creating a rocky, amorphous, solid entity, to which was inserted a prismatic module with light inputs. Following this line, we created another rocky entity, whose interior housed a series of galleries interconnected with each other as tunnels. For the final design of the house, we decided to abandon all the exterior amorphity that characterized the outside and we removed all the geometry that was generated inside to the outside. The interior layout of the apartment clearly differentiates between private and public areas, the latter being a large inner courtyard that interconnects rooms and which, in turn, opens onto large windows through which light enters.
Next, we had to decide the houses’ place and the relationship that would exist between them. We chose to link the houses through the windows, making these common spaces a single large common space that connects all the homes. This large common space wants to be a network of tunnels that interconnects a set of rooms.
Finally, we propose to design a large common area that complements these homes. We realized that our project had taken on a very massive and brutal nature, and we tried to propose a space of opposite characteristics. Instead of fragmented spaces, a large multifunctional pavilion in which freedom of movement and spatial fluidity prevails, as well as an exterior that stands out by its lightness.
Both spaces are opposite, and we chose to place them opposite to emphasize their contrast. We achieve this, two very different entities but that combine with each other.