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Factum Misión
FACTUM MISION is a generator system for temporary settlements in hard access locations, designed for FactumFoundation.

The system is made up of two parts, on one side a computer design software that generates a formal answer for a specific quantity of users, the machinery needed and the site, based on the OTAN guidelines for temporary settlements.

On the other side, the materialization of the formal answer, divided in an external canopy, that varies according to the location conditions, and a series of inner canopies that vary along with programmatic specifications. Both designed for fast assembly and disassembly.

In this particular case, the system is used to generate a settlement in Kala Koreysh (Russia) for 32 occupants and several machinery, taking into consideration the lack of water in the region, the intrincate topograhy and the highly variable weather conditions throught the year.