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Hotspot in Reykjavik
The hotspot proposal in Reykjavik offers new thermal baths to the city, but it is also designed to incorporate a series of public facilities that were needed in the area, in order to promote the social regeneration of the park where is located.
In the search to meet this brief, the main activity of the building, the public thermal baths, were located on the ground floor, creating an easy access to it from the park. Meanwhile, the rest of the public facilities, such as the library, cafeteria, multipurpose rooms or rest areas were placed on the first floor.

The characteristic shape of the project was obtained by respecting every existing vegetation in the plot. This shape also enhances the relationship between the user and the building itself, creating different access that increases its public character, and it also brings the possibility to create an open but defined central space were outdoors public pools are placed.

The resulting project not only offers the city a hotspot but is designed to create a sense of community and a new space for holding local activities, and exemplifies the philosophy of revitalizing areas by introducing public facilities whose definition is imposed by the use of collective action.