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Into the woods
The first project, less important, consists of the construction of a tower. One of the conditions of the model is that it has to be of the same size as the person who built it, and the second rule is that two different materials may only be used. The result is a tensegrity structure, designed by Buckminster Fuller in the 60’s.
The main project is a series of housing as a community, including a public space. The original idea was to create a basic space on an uneven ground, a series of elements that protect the human being of the weather, which create a refuge, and there was light. Of these forms began to be dwellings, which are divided into two zones separated by a hall inside: the private part and the public part. Housing fit in rows as a puzzle, and are located in the woods, so thanks to its organic forms they can sort the trees and adapt to nature. The homes are supported on the elevations of the uneven ground, in a way that creates a space similar to the proposed originally under them, where people can interact. Public space consists of a large square lattice of branches which rises a few artificial logs, so the theme of forest is not interrupted and the whole look integrated within it. All homes are placed in such a way that they embrace the public space, which is the center of the life of the community.
In this project, geometry plays a large role, as well as the capacity of integration in the surroundings and the spaces that are formed, which operate as small shelters. The model is made to scale 1:100, and is composed mainly of plaster, cardboard and metal rods.