Architectural Design Archive
This project is about urban occupations and typological corrections in the block of Nuevos Ministerios.

The development of this project is done through the conceptual idea of ISLAND, which is created based on an urban analysis in which the Nuevos Ministerios building is identified as a singular element in the urban configuration without belonging to the structure of the city.
The project aims precisely to reinforce the condition of ISLAND to achieve a greater impact on an urban scale, generating a new milestone in the city, and a new area of centrality. On the other hand, the aim of the project is to create a dialogue with the existing building, rescuing certain architectural values that determine the identity of this project. It finally intends to generate a new way of living within the city, in an independent element but that is part of the consolidated city: A hybrid structure in which dwellings, offices, commerce and free spaces do coexist.