Architectural Design Archive
The Project is a continuation of the same routes of the pre-existing circulation of the cycle path and pedestrian lanes, it works as a bridge that involves a connection and link of both areas through a play space, an area of umbrary developed by its spiral envelope adapted to the environment of action, branching on both sides of the river. The project is about not a building, but an abstract piece of great lightness that gives value to the river and the environment in which it is located.

The project deals with scientific-technical research by following the German Engineering of Schlaich & Bergermann. The study deals with an optimal structure of great relevance at the same time that a beauty in the materialized design is contributed in the urban plot of the city. The work stands out for its "lightness" which contains a great scientific-technical reason, highlighting the term "Structural Art" at the service of society, endowed with innovation, functionality and beauty adding to the landscape great value for its light and respectful presence .

The sports facility is an opportunity to provide the neighborhood with unusual uses in the city that give a different and fun service compared to the many conventional facilities. The idea of an "amusement park" is transferred, with the development of sporting uses as "games" for everyone. The internal development of umbrario generates spaces and situations that grant the freedom of the "player" to use it as he wishes, giving absolute freedom through the different "games"