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What appears to be a disrupting element between the city and the neighbouring meadows —Granada’s ring road—, a priori generates an unsurmountable boundary. However, this is an apparent reality. The Alhambra city is such intimately bonded to its rural hinterland that a mere motorway cannot create a separative border.
There are several points in which the paths alongside the road meet, assuring continuity between the urban fabric and the farmlands. The project intends to answer similarly, creating an interstitial space able to host new city functions without compromising the traditional links with the Vega.
Three significantly long volumes aim to build connections not only from the fields and the linear park, but also from the road itself, either by laying along it, either by crossing it over. Each of the ‘tubes’ keeps one end in contact with the ground, tied to the walkway network, whereas the other end is lifted above the motorway, pursuing further views of the rich landscape surrounding Granada.