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马德里 ma-de-li.
Can a country exist outside its political borders?

Madeli is a hyper-place, a fragment of Madrid provoked, not found.
This is a space defined from the challenge of the categories of place and subject; therefore it works essentially with the interactions.

Madeli proposes a decentralized and extrapolated cultural time. The narrative transcription of elements of traditional Chinese architecture, through laws that delimit what does not exist, but it is already. These laws tell us about processes of displacement, incorporation, copying and transfer. The door, the garden and the wall are generic elements that fuse the real with the representative.

Madeli is both an instrumental and conceptual reading of transnationalism.

An imagined construction of a neighborhood that is actually three. Three ways to understand the monument: connection, aesthetics and memory. Usera as the speculation of the Chinese transnational phenomenon; of a latent place and time -possible and impossible- to be incorporate into the monumental Madrid.

So Ma-de-li is a coincidence, an anachronistic space and an opportunity for what is yet to come.

Discreation and hybridization against authenticity. The copy is more original than the original.

Ma-de-li is the Madrilenian and dreamed story of his Chinatown.