Architectural Design Archive
DATA: the stock XXI century (post) capitalism orbits around. PLATFORMS: its most efficient mining device. An upcoming scenario. Neocomunal is a speculation about how the smart-city relies on digital platforms to create a perfect city model that reproduces routines. A city in a cause-effect loop where confrontation, in other words... the essence of the city, is denied.
NEOCOMUNAL is conceived as a space that is integrated in this smart-city to make criticism of it. A center of prosumption that redefines the role of the university. A test city that simulates societies using contradiction as a tool. A city modeled on panoptic sensors and actuator fields to offer free simulations in exchange for data.
Is a loosely coupled system insterted in different locations, working in localized areas synchronizing several time zones. It consists of a globalized (hard)core which topology is independent of its location; and a hyperlocal (soft)interface informed by the contingencies of the environment and adapting them to the core.

NEOCOMUNAL Ciudad Universitaria is a reflection on the topological relationships that arise between the infrastructural and the domestic. It is a contradiction, between floating and located, digital and physical, free and public, projected and fortuitous. A constant contradiction: the sphere has been imploded, now the living foams. Neocomunal is the free city as a theater of the world.