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Salus per Salis
Salus per salis
health through salt

Salus per salis has been developed based on two concepts:

Health is one of the most relevant elements for the development of a long life, both of the human being and of the planet.
Salt is the only edible rock for human beings. It is also a natural ionizing element that manages to improve the quality of the air we breathe. Its importance for life is such that it has marked the development of the history of the Bay of Cádiz.

The project intervenes in the life cycle of an old saline of Sancti Petri, current marine farm in decline. With the aim of conserving the saline ecosystem and attending to the health of the human body, thalassotherapy treatments are proposed, which work with the use of different marine environments and the climate as a therapeutic agent, such as flotation, halotherapy and mud therapy. For this, the technical characteristics of the water of the current artificial saline treatments, such as its temperature or concentration, are studied. The extracted data allow to transfer the therapies to a natural environment, integrating them in the morphology of the existing farm.

The device Salus per salis, this one formed by a set of interventions in the time, that include from the geographic scale until the molecular one. Taking as a starting point the extracted data, a topographic transformation plan is made of the bottom of the farm, thus achieving the maximum volume of water needed in each estuary. By manipulating the existing gates and incorporating others and taking into account the monthly evaporation studies of the water in the pipe, it is possible to regulate the hydraulic movement and therefore control the salinity of the water at each point.
The design of architectural pieces and floating elements, tied to a pedestrian axis that crosses the last level of pools, provide the ideal conditions to carry out the therapies.
The apparatus as a whole is considered an organism capable of maintaining the energy system in a constant balance.

Salus per salis proposes 4 independent systems where thalassotherapy treatments are developed such as: Flotarium, Zero Gravity, Halotherapy and Lodotherapy.