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Termas en Baia
In this Project the aim is to bring back the recreative character of the archaeological complex of Baia located in the Pozzuoli bay.
It is proposed the accomplishment of thermal installations and temporary residences that would host the tourists that will come and visit the archaeological site.
This kind of architecture understands nature, rather than confront it, a minimal filter for visualizing the natural phenomenon, not for ignoring or supressing it, the answer of the human act of the integration in the context.
Either way, an architecture that enhances the beauty of the scenary wherever it is placed, the transformation of the space into his own uniqueness in that instant, in that lapse of time.
To project in ruines, doesn't mean the conformation of a whole.
Baia is an heritage of the past that we can understand parcially as a collection of broken pieces, ruins as a resource of time, memorable vestiges.
It is about inhabiting the greatest walls generating diafanous spaces that subordinate to the luminious effects and the water riverberation, flows that perpetuate through time, the creation of vortices in the air, wind, light and sound flows.