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The missing one
The missing one, a stolen volume, some nature just dead, the dominated wild. It is a claim for the Negative, the Nothing, masses of air separating us from the outside. The limit between our skin and the outside. Wildlife coming inch by inch into our lives. Shall we control it?

Under control invasion is permitted. Nature works like walls. The cave, the protection. Humidity dripping through the walls. The sun ripping the rocks. A cold breeze fondles you and you enjoy where there is Nothing, only silence.

An ancient rock works like a footbridge that help pedestrians to not feel the highway. It recreates an old atmosphere, rude and wild, isolating the time and the feelings momentaneously.

The whole urbanisation in Madrid is designed as a huge natural area where stone, concrete and nature are combined.

Something not shown however you cannot ignore that it is missing. Homes are designed by a subtraction gesture that reveal a pure structure, the stone. Stone found on the ground or worked by men or crumbled in sand through time. Stone that nature demands as a part of her again.

Houses that change during the time, with tenants, needs and hobbies. It generates a support for any lifestyle. Chaotic families, neat couples, artists, tidies ... Each one will keep the space as they need. Each one will mark its deterioration or its conservation.