Architectural Design Archive
During the first project course I have had to perform three exercises. Do you want to know what I am talking about?

The first one is based on a vertical structure or tower which has our own height with the terms and conditions of using only a material and that was completely self-supporting. I have used the wire giving it way to fields of three different sizes and looking for balance through the overlap.

For the housing exercise, the model is made with a single material, wood. It has been proposed as a space for one or two people, divided into two main parts, a terrace area and the private dwelling, where the program is based on a central core that has de services of storage, a kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, this core separates the bedroom from the living room. The set of houses are connected through the public space of all of them, the terrace.

Finally, the public space is a structure with cylinders which is related to the set of houses coupled with the displacements that it causes. The structure provides the functions of place to sit, lie down, walk… The model is made with a mesh of glued fabric.