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Seeing the horizon allows us to project ourselves and our ideas. It lets us rest for a minute and tune the shot. It’s said that we go “De Madrid al Cielo”, but we don’t know where that ends. As a Majorcan, I miss what Madrid will never have. I don’t miss the sea because it is the sea, but because of the line it creates with sky and water.

The horizon hides behind the outskirts, the mountains, “La Lanzadera” in the Theme park of Madrid or behind the Bankia offices. Everywhere else, it is almost impossible to find. The city is always in the middle and finding a clear view within more than three kilometres and a half is complicated. But BABEL is willing to give you that view.

BABEL is a vertical city that begins in the heart of Azca. BABEL is urbanism in heights: A structural masterplan that divides the skyscraper with six steel trays in twelve buildable volumes. Volumes without a permanent owner that are colonised temporarily by the highest bidders.

Different actors who bend to the rules of each of the volumes and, using them as tools, define the different uses that grow with the section of the tower until it’s coronation at three hundred and fifty metres of height.

In the journey, there are different atmospheres that allow us to admire the death and birth of the sun each day. And let us find, in the end, a public space where our economic resources don’t get in the way with us admiring the horizon.

Parks, gardens, pools, sports courts, restaurants, theatres, museums, appartments, hotels_ BABEL is an optimist view with sustainable solutions for the growth of the megacities. It is an architectural experiment that has explored all ways of life in heights without elite or socioeconomic restrictions.