Architectural Design Archive
Collaborative learning of a Systematic Architectural Design Thinking

This Architectural Design course rather than arriving at a concrete final result has served me to learn a way to design and think. Design from the system.

In “Colaboratorio” all students work from the beginning as a whole, and all the production is shared in a Google Drive, in this way we can cover much more complex projects and develop a larger volume of work in a less competitive and in my opinion tremendously enriching way.

We started analyzing and modeling in 3D a series of industrial buildings of the 20th century, in my case the Renault Distribution Centre by Norman Foster, we dissasembled, understood, cataloged, classified and reassembled its components. We also did this later with other minor architectures that later would serve as support for housing and other minor programs that would be introduced in our base support industrial architectures.

We worked in an abstract way (although we climatically situated ourselves in an environment like Detroit’s). The aim was to project a mega-structure of 100×100 meters that could expand infinitely, so at all times we worked at a building scale (L) and at an infinite city scale (XXL). This building-city should be highly densified with housing, but also shelter other different spaces with different dimensions and qualities to be able to accommodate all the necessary uses in that city. So, rather than thinking about programs, we learned to design potentially usable spaces in different ways, since the support is what we are most interested in creating, as the infills are something that can change in the future (to devise these environments and spaces we learned to produce Spaceboards as a project tool).