Architectural Design Archive
This project is based upon a deep exploration of sound and music, not only what it means emotionally but also physically, having Bob Dyllan as the client.

As a first approach, after an investigation of music an algorythim is developed which allow an structure to mutate with the sound embracing the temporality and catching the ephimeral of music.

Following this exploration the algorythm now becomes the form generator of the project, producing eleven different structures from eleven Bob´s songs, each one with a different permeability and program all connected through a raised platform. A new tipology of music concert emerges in this landscape of sound, opposed to the staticity and monotony of current music festivals, a dynamic scenography appears and after the each structure becomes a different space for the fans and ´festivalgoers´.

This stablishes a new relationship between Bob and his fans through a productive-domestic program and a new way to live the music through memory and emotions for Dyllan and through sensations and identificatons for the fans.