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Entre el agua y la roca
The water over time has been shaping the Basque coast defining accidents that man has chosen to build their settlements, where especial construction appear in extreme situations, which concentrate the essence of the landscape. Pasajes is born from a radical geographical accident, which has been inhabited, in a first place as a fishing village, and later as an industrial port, two characters that collide, and the only thing that unites them, is nature. Then a rock appears, a concentrator of the monumental natural presence of the place, inhabited rock, which has been eroded by water, wind, and especially by the time, which is lighthouse, port and square.
The piece rises on the water with 31 pillars forming a strictly ordered, concentrating the structure of the piece and releasing the intermediate space. It is made up of 5 zones that function independently, both structurally and programmatically. All of them with a program related to water: a sports center, a hot spring, a water playground and a research center, connected by another independent connection building complemented by a shopping and entertainment area, and an exhibition area.