Architectural Design Archive
Fuencarral’s neighbourhood is an island, limited between the Herrera Oria Street and the train tracks. In order to solve this isolation the project is raised as a link between the Ramón y Cajal Hospital and Fuencarral.
The acting zone is situated in the neighbourhood limit and a wooded axe with a runway allows the direct access to the hospital.
The new program answers to the environment and neighbourhood needs. A hotel, for the people who came from abroad with their families hospitalized in the Ramón y Cajal’s. The other uses answer to the neighbour’s request: a restaurant, a spa, a sports centre and indoor courts. A residential assisted centre, which recovers some of the uses of the old health centre, so necessary because the 15% of the population is older than 80 years.
The intention of the proposal is to reinterpret J.L. Romany’s design empowering the terraces, the brick, the glass, the façades and the Green spaces of Fuencarral. This link attracts new inhabitants to the neighbourhood also answering the neighbours need and release the complexity of traffics produced between the train station and the hospital.