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matching eras
With geographical reference in Córdoba and the Salto del Jándula dam, the course statement proposed establishing a metabolic or literal link between both sites. Beyond the evident connection Guadalquivir river means, this exercise challenge was to consider not only historical-cultural importance of the places, but two great previous architectural projects: 2002 Congress Center by OMA and 1930 Salto del Jándula dam by Casto Fernández-Shaw.

A first phase in a group establish information channels, building obsolescence and low urban density as the main research routes for the exercise development. Later, this will evolve in an urban islands analysis with archaeological remains in Córdoba and a study of an old farm which supplied La Lancha village.

Far from not finding similarities, we establish abandonment as an opportunity, archaeological trace as an information layer and ruin as raw material.

Taking full advantage of the potential site, the project is understood as a strata superposition which function as a vertical extension of the city. Functioning as a programmatic sandwich, the upper lower strata open or close to respond to different interior/exterior pressures along its length: accommodating a public area between the conference hall and cultural center; connecting spaces by holing the basement piece.