Architectural Design Archive
Straight curves
The project consists of three phases, based on an artisan work of correspondence between models of carpentry and large hand-made planes.
The first phase, the formal search for housing. Working on the selection of spaces and light interactions arising between the strata of various models of plywood. It highlights the retrospective nature, where the light interacts through a central courtyard, where large openings are converted into two narrow corridors that reaffirm the impermeability of the private space. Also, I did a parallel investigation trying to find a way that better reflects that hermetism. I found the solution in application of straight curves.
The second part of the project consists of creating a housing complex based on repetition. This repetition maintains the shape of the patio, but the outdoor silhouettes suffer slight variations, however the most interesting of the whole organization is the generated tension between the density of the built and the fluidity of the public transitable spaces.
Finally, a public space of coexistence is designed for residents. Based on basic geometry on the ground, continuing the linearity of the terrain. I created an interactive space in which the power of geometry, moved to the vertical. And the superposition of these non coincident curves create a cavernous space with overhead lights.
Private living places fluently connected with the space of coexistence.